Don't Bury the Lead

Your business exists because your products or services improve people’s lives. At least, that’s the goal, right?

When someone comes to your website, they need to understand your value proposition.

Your what? I know, “value proposition” seems a little dry but it’s basically like the honey to your bees. It’s the sweet deal or service you provide that attracts your customers.

Ultimately, your value proposition is why a potential customer
chooses your company or service.

Your Customers Want You to Help Them

People will be willing to buy from you when they believe you can help them. You must be clear about this value so it’s easy for people to say “Heck Yes!” to doing business with you.

First, you need to talk to the customer in their own language. Most marketing doesn’t connect because it’s not focused on the end customer. Keep your wording simple and use the exact phrasing your customers use during the sales process.

Include information on the benefits and outcomes you deliver. Your customer wants to know what’s in it for them.

Show, and tell. Use icons to bring attention to your statements. They help to clarify your message without words.

Keep the descriptions of your benefits short and sweet. They need to be scannable.

And lastly, tell a story. Describe the happy outcomes your customer can expect when they work with you. How will their lives improve? Why is it worth it to become your customer?

We understand that creating the right messaging can be harder than you thought. You don’t have enough time in the day to execute a cohesive marketing strategy and run your business at the same time.

Whether you are a boutique consultancy or an established firm, Lantern can help you create a clear message and establish your brand as an industry expert. Our mission is to help you create marketing that attracts your best clients.

Ready. Set. Grow!