Making Believers

This is part 2 of a 2 part Marketing Communication series.

We’ve all seen the companies who have successfully created “brand evangelists.” Regular, everyday people who are so satisfied with a brand, they are happy and willing to support it everywhere they go.

What an amazing job those brands have done of using marketing to communicate not only what their service does, but also the value it brings. When you consider that happy customers are spreading the word about your business in their own spare time, you really get a sense of how powerful a tool marketing is.

But what if there was another group of people who would be willing to shout out that they are your company’s biggest fan? What if those people were closer than you thought? They are already believers in your brand and prepared to go out into the world to be the best brand evangelists you could ask for.

And all they need is a final nudge.

Guess what? They are sitting right next to you! They are the employees of your company.

Brand Evangelists in Waiting

When we think of marketing as a tool for communication, our first thought naturally goes to our potential customers. And it is important that we tell customers how our brand, product, or service will make their lives better and help them win the day.

But it’s just as important that we communicate to our own people how we are setting out to improve the lives of customers.

When everyone who works for a company can talk about the company’s mission and value with passion, they’ve become brand evangelists. And these “internal” brand evangelists will create “external” brand evangelists - customers who don’t just use a product or service, but who love it and want to tell their friends about.

But how do we do build up these internal evangelists?

Communicate clearly and effectively.

First, Tell the Story

No, this isn’t the story about your grandparents who founded the company 60 years ago. It’s not about how you struggled through years in the beginning.

The story you need to tell, over and over again, is how you are making customers’ lives better.

You have to be clear. You must communicate to your own people exactly how your product or service is improving the lives of customers.

Tell that story. Every. Single. Day.

When your employees know that story - when they believe it - they’ll become more passionate about the company they work for and the brand they’re helping to build. They’ll see beyond the dollar signs of each sale, and understand the true value your company brings: transformation.

Making money is the goal, but creating ways to help people should be the mission.

Then, Give Them Words

The two most powerful tools at your disposal here are the BrandScript and the one-liner.

The BrandScript is the overall “script” from which your message should be created. Each piece of the script will help everyone within your company know how to talk about what you do.

The one-liner is the key, though. A successful one-liner is a short, memorable, and clear way to say 1) the problem customers face as it relates to your brand, 2) the solution you offer to that problem, and 3) how customers’ lives will look after using that solution.

When everyone in the company knows that one-liner by heart, your company becomes infinitely more unified around its central message. The outside world will sit up and take notice when they hear that clear, concise message being spoken with passion by everyone within a company.

You will have given your employees the tools to not only become believers themselves but to make believers out of others. They will be your own “brand evangelists”.

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