The biggest (and easiest) way to turn your website into a sales machine

Why do you have a website? Simple. To turn visitors into customers. When people come to your site, you want them to take actions that will turn them into a customer.

But unless you ask them to do something, they generally won’t do it.

People don’t take action

unless they are asked to do so.

Calls to Action

An effective website has a couple of buttons that stand out. These are called your Call to Action buttons. They essentially attract your customer’s eye to be encouraged to take action.

You need two different kinds of Calls to Action (CTAs) on your website.

The first is a Direct Call to Action where you boldly ask visitors to contact you to get started in the sales process. (Call Now! Book Now! etc.)

Not everyone will be willing to take that step right away. And that’s OK.

For those who are a little more hesitant, a Transitional Call to Action gives them a way to learn more about you while providing you with their contact information so you can start to build a relationship with them.

Give and Take

Getting email addresses isn’t as easy as it used to be. People hate spam. You need to offer enough value to encourage your potential customer to trust you. Remember though, it’s a trade.

You provide the expert knowledge in exchange for the opportunity to contact them.

Act Now!

You want customers to contact you, so you need obvious Direct CTAs sprinkled throughout your site in bold colors. Why? They need to stand out while your visitor is scrolling through the site.

When people see a clear and direct offer that will benefit them, they’ll eventually take action.

Don’t be subtle. Don’t be cute. Cut to the chase and ask your visitors to do what you want them to do.

Include a Transitional CTA that provides immediate value to your potential customer in case they aren’t ready to take the first step. You could offer an ebook, video, or checklist that gives them a glimpse into who you are and what you offer. Leave them wanting more while using a low-risk way to invite them to test drive your unique value.


At Lantern, we understand that turning website visitors into customers can be harder than you thought. You don’t have enough time in the day to execute a strong website presence and run your business at the same time.

Whether you are a boutique consultancy or an established firm, Lantern can help you create a clear message and establish your brand as an industry expert. Our mission is to help you create marketing that attracts your best clients.

Ready. Set. Grow!