You Have Two Seconds to Shine

Nailing your first impression

You have two seconds to catch and keep the attention of a potential customer. That’s faster than it took to read these first two sentences.

So, what do you do?

To increase the odds someone will stay on your website and become a paying customer, you have to make sure the first thing people see on the site tells them what they need to know.

Make good use of the very top of your site.
It’s your most important real estate
and the first thing people see.

The “Grunt Test”

Close your eyes and refresh your website. Can you understand what you offer in under two seconds?

We call this the “grunt test.” Here’s how you pass the test… A potential client needs to be able to answer two simple questions, really fast.

  1. What do you do?

  2. Why should I care?

Stop right now and open your website. I’ll wait right here.



How did you do? Did you pass?

Nail this part of your website, and you’ll likely see more potential customers take action than before.

Fail the grunt test and it won’t matter what’s on the rest of the site. No one will get there.


When considering what to include in this prime real estate on your site, the most important thing to remember is clarity. It’s not time to be clever. It’s not time to ‘sound different’ from your competition.

In the first 2 seconds, you are earning the right to keep the readers attention. Don’t try to be cute or unique. Aim for being clear.

Your customer won’t know what you do or who you are if you aren’t clear from the start.

Visitors shouldn’t have to scroll through your website to figure out what you do. Let them know right away (as in 2 seconds or less) and keep it clear.

People don’t read websites, they scan them.

Less text is best.

You get new customers because they believe you can make them successful. Be clear and tell them how.

Don’t make potential customers try to figure you out how you can help them.

Call them to Action

Once you have the readers attention, the next step is to make it obvious how they can get in touch with you or take the next step.

Call to Action buttons should be bright and state specifically what you want them to do. (More on this in another post.)

Along the way, you can use the images and photography in the header to set the tone for the entire site.

Think “Show and Tell”. Show how people will be successful because of your knowledge, business, or service. Use images to paint a picture of the bright future you are promising to customers.

Feeling Stuck with your Website? Our team has put together a 28-point checklist to help you know exactly what to change to build a more effective site.

We get it

At Lantern, we understand there is a lot of pressure to get the message on your website perfect. You already have enough on your plate running your business, you don’t want to stress about your website.

Whether you are a boutique consultancy or an established firm, Lantern can help you create a clear message and establish your brand as an industry expert.

Our mission is to help you create marketing that attracts your best clients.

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