3 reasons not "to-do" your habits

Habits are the little things you do repeatedly that make a big difference. When trying to form a habit, you’ll be tempted to add habits to your to-do list to help you remember. Don’t do it!

Here’s 3 reasons not “to-do” your habits:

1. To-do lists should focus on specific actions that must be done. Your focus gets cloudy when you add hopes, habits, or maybes to your action list.

2. Repetition makes it habit. Habits work better when you repeat consistently, so instead make a simple chart that lets you see how you are stacking up over time. Example: http://www.productivity501.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/habit-list6.png

3. To-do lists should be torn up and thrown away. Habits are forever ;-)

Inspired by the Habit List : Productivity501