4 easy steps to better delegating

No one likes a micro-manager. Use these tips for better teamwork and delegation.

  1. Be clear about the results. Make sure that you both agree on what ‘done’ look like. Do you both have a clear picture in your mind of what the world will look like when the task is complete?
  2. Talk timelines. Does it need to be done tomorrow, by lunch, next year? ASAP is very unhelpful, so pick a time that can be put on a calendar.
  3. Give the right resources. You might have resources available that are necessary to complete the task. Do they need passwords, pencils, $100,000 in small bills?
  4. Say Thanks. When someone does something for you, it is important to say thank you and acknowledge their help. Even if it is their job, make sure they know that you respect their time, attention, and helpfulness.