4 Tips on Simple Happiness

A great excerpt from Jared Matthew Kessler:

  1. Own less so it won’t own you. I do this only using cash, living on a budget and living 100% debt free.
  2. Empty yourself. Go through your closets. Get rid of everything you haven’t used in a year or more (donate it to a local charity or if you need some extra cash, sell it).
  3. Don’t commute. Any of the jobs I’ve worked I couldn’t commute more than 30 minutes. For me, the money wasn’t worth the stress or hassle of being away from those I loved more than I needed to.
  4. Smile while you talk. I learned this from a friend of a friend – and talk about hard work. It is at first, but you start to become good at it and the rest of the family will love you for it.

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