8 questions agency owners are asking about growth

Working with creative service firms, I’ve seen a slew of common problems that hold an agency back from the next growth stage.

Here’s a few of the hiccups owners are asking when they are struggling with growth.

  1. How do I hire and attract quality team members, so I’m ready to take on that next big project?
  2. Can I raise my rates without losing business? How?
  3. Clients need our services, but don’t follow through on their end of the work. How do I find better clients who “Get It?”
  4. How do I help clients quibble less about hours, rates and invoices… and focus instead on the quality and depth of our work?
  5. How do I grow my team without sacrificing the quality of my work?
  6. How do I add or expand new services, without struggling with subcontracting issues?
  7. My team spends too much time chasing money. I have to put projects on hold to get paid for our work. This has to stop.
  8. How do I setup an agency where things run smoothly without me? Or at least don’t fall to pieces when I leave town (or take a vacation)!

What about you? What is stumping you in hitting the growth you expect this year? Post your questions in the comments below.

  • Bonus: What is your growth goal for This Quarter? Pin that to your wall and stare it in the face everyday

I look forward to your questions. Forward!