9 Reasons I got a Nook... or 9 Reasons I sold my Nook and bought a Kindle.

It happened. I was enamored with the ereader / ebook craze. Because what I need is more technology, right? It makes me a better person. Really.

So I did what any compulsively detailed dork does: RESEARCH. (I’m a High C / Emerald / Beaver / ENTP; Pick your favorite personality method).

After tons of research I decided a Barnes & Noble Nook was the ultimate ereader.

  1. The Nook has an open book store (I can pick from 3 or more stores).
  2. Epub format = Free books
  3. I can borrow ebook from the library. They had like 10 books I might read. I’m saving $100
  4. I can change the battery (I’m going to wear this thing out cause it will make me a reading maniac).
  5. Touchscreen. Oh, pretty! Color! Fingers!
  6. No silly keyboard; Who needs it?
  7. SD card slot; Because I’m going to read 4000 books
  8. It was big, thick; like a REAL book
  9. It runs on Android. That’s google. It’s an open format; the wave of the future.

So I bought a Nook. I was excited. I waited and waited. I watched the UPS tracking. Finally (after 3 days), it showed up on my doorstep. The poor thing had to waiting 2 hours in the bleek Indiana weather/snow until I arrived to bring it home.

I turned it on… I tried to buy a book. Something was wrong… I hated it.

I was confused. I did my research. I didn’t make bad choices (not me!). 

I wrestled with my research. How could I hate something that I spent so much time looking forward to? Was I missing something?

Then I found it. The hidden reason. I was cheating.

I had spent the last 4 years buying (happily) from Amazon. They had become my Santa Claus; my special delivery neighborhood mailman.

Amazon became the perfect movie that makes the new film you’re watching seem second rate. Amazon was my guide. I use it’s iPhone app to price check anything over $20 at the store. It scans the barcode and says, “Hooray what a great deal, Target. Buy it! or "Boo. Save $9. Bad, bad Bestbuy.”

How could I turn my back on such a dear, technologically advanced friend?

So I popped my Nook on Craigslist. It sold quickly and I was free.

So, after all that here’s why I bought a Kindle:

  1. The Nook has an open awful book store. Amazon has mastered shopping/reviews, and has a plain awesome bookstore. It’s easy to use and has reviews that I trust. B&N.com reviews were jumbled, didn’t match the version of the book.
  2. Epub format = Free Books really bad versions of old books
  3. I can borrow ebook from the library poke my eyes out with a rolled up magazine from the library.
  4. I can change the battery keep a charge for 3+ weeks.
  5. Touchscreen So. Slow.
  6. No silly keyboard Who cares?
  7. SD card slot I’m going to read 4000 books 1 or 2 books at a time.
  8. It was big, thick thin like a tiny flat unicorn.
  9. It runs on Android magic from the Amazons.

So I unboxed my Kindle today. I’m in love.