Be ready to grow in a small business

Small businesses can quickly go from organized to chaotic as customer demand increases. So what makes a small business positioned to quickly expand for growth? Is your business growing? How will you be ready as you get more customers? 

Think of it this way: Do you have the ability to add staff (quickly) without decreasing quality or the value your customers expect?

Being able to grow a business often hinges on how well equipped you are to handle employee training. Without the ability to train new employees, you will have a bottleneck in your ability to provide services.

If you can’t train people to deliver at the current quality level, you risk customers seeing a lower value. Improper training could put you in at risk for losing future revenue and stopping the path to grow in it’s tracks. 

Planning for growth: Questions to consider

  1. How do I make it easy to teach our systems to a new employee and have them succeed? 
  2. Is training slow? Does it take a steep learning curve to make sure our service is provided at the level customers expect?
  3. What are the base skills does an employee needs for our training program to get results quickly?
  4. What skills can I train?
  5. What specific skills do employees need to bring to the table?
  6. How do I provide a service that is more valuable to the client that what they pay for it?
  7. Can I add a new level of service provided by more experienced team members?
  8. Is it time for a price adjustment as we grow? When is the last time you raised prices?

What questions work for your team? Do you have any tips on making sure your team can be trained to match the pace of growth for your company?

I would love to hear your thoughts below.