Book Review: Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud | Richard Burkey

Boundaries for Leaders provides wise guidance for navigating and leveraging results and relationships, and all the while inviting leaders to be ridiculously in charge.

Throughout the book Henry deals with 7 boundaries that leaders need to do well to fulfill the vision and to be a place where people thrive. These 7 boundaries are:

1. Help people’s brains work better.

2. Build the emotional climate that fuels performance.

3. Facilitate connections that boost people’s functioning.

4. Facilitate thinking patterns that drive results.

5. Focus on what behaviors shape results.

6. Build high performance teams that achieve desired results.

7. Help you lead yourself in a manner that drives and protects the vision.

I had heard of the fight or flight response, but Henry showed there is a third option that people follow in overwhelming stress — they simply freeze. They do nothing. In some ways, the brain shuts down in taking any action, what he calls a “lizard brain”.