Bram Code: My personal rules

This is my list of personal rules; a small attempt at making me a better person. I don’t always follow them, but get better results when I do.

  1. Pause / Turn off screens when talking to people (Computer, mobile, pause TV). This includes not reading (email) when people are talking, or in meetings.
  2. Commit. Say no to things you won’t do. This includes scheduling meetings you will cancel or need to reschedule. Or making promises to friends. Honesty beats good intentions, if you are bad at follow through.
  3. The 2 minute rule (ala: Getting Thing Done). If you can do it in 2 minutes now, without being a jerk, do it now. I find this especially helpful for getting dishes from the sink to the dishwasher.

What simple rules do you live by? Why do they help?