Creativity is Subtraction (Office clean up)

Inspired by the recommended book “The Joy of Less” and this newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon, I took today to clean out my office.

Oh what a tiring and refreshing mix that can be.

creativity is subtraction

I focused on a few key areas:

  1. Cleaning off the desk
  2. Recycling / shredding 6 month old project notes
  3. Emptying all drawers, putting back in the things I’ve used in the last month
  4. Sorting the 4 boxes that came over to the new SpinWeb office in January 2012. Surprisingly I needed 1/8 of it to stay. The rest will be donated, trashed, or put into the general office cord fund (an eclectic mix of USB dongles)

If you have considered a purge or minimalist clean up, I recommend checking out “The Joy of Less” for some much needed attitude helpers in the first few chapters.