Email Overload

Here are a few tips for dealing with email overload (Nothing ground breaking, but a good reminder for myself).

  1. Send less. Does every email need a reply? Does it need to be long and detailed?
  2. Use the phone. Live conversations allow you to switch topics quickly, cover more ground, build rapport, or defuse confusion. 10 minutes on a phone may save 4+ emails. 
  3. Slow down. Quick response time can actually lead to a whole slew of new problems. It trains people that you are easily available. You may email before you plan out the best next action. You might overlook a detail that needs to be ironed out.
  4. Shut it down. I’ve started to disable my email account on my iPhone after I leave the office each day. Why? I just don’t have the self-control to not check email in the car, on the couch, during my favorite TV show. Unplugging helps.