How to build a habit

The key to starting any habit is to make it easy. The problem is that people think too highly of themselves, so they bite off way more than they can chew.

Here’s the secret to starting any habit:

Make it small, start today, and hook it to another habit.

Need a bit more detail? Ok! Here’s some background on why this method of building habits really works. 

  1. New habits have to be super small, and measurable. Think stupid-small. Think really lazy small. Think about-to-fall-asleep-no-willpower-left-and-no-motivation small. Ok? You can’t build a habit that takes lots of willpower, you’ll simply find an excuse to start tomorrow.
  2. Today is the only day you can start. Tomorrow just doesn’t work. If you let yourself start tomorrow, you’ll always find a reason that tomorrow will work better.
  3. Here’s the kicker. You need to find the right trigger that will make this habit happen today. The best way is to make the habit happen right after another habit.

Here’s an example of a new habit that works:

I will floss 1 tooth, right after I put down my toothbrush.

This example is directly from the great website with Dr. BJ Fogg. There’s way more info on his site for those who want it. If you need a program to help you build habits, I highly recommend his free program.

Looking for some more info? Checkout this video from with Derek Halpern.

Ok, so let’s get busy.

  1. Right now, what’s a super-simple habit that you’d like to start today?
  2. How small can you make this habit, so that you can start today?
  3. Ok, make it smaller. Super-duper small. 
  4. What trigger can you link this too? What other Habit do you already do that makes sense linking this to?

Post your habit in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what new habit you have in mind.