Lessons to Remember

I’ve learned a few things in the last 30 years. But I forget most of it every week.

Here’s a list of lessons I’m trying to remember.

  1. It is not nice to ignore people. Look at them and listen.
  2. Don’t fill the silence. Listen & watch.
  3. Technology should make life better (not faster).
  4. People are special. Treat them so.
  5. Don’t try to entertain yourself for hours a day. Do good work that you enjoy.
  6. Connect with people and learn to love them.
  7. You don’t know everything. Shut up & listen. Ask questions.
  8. Read. Discuss.
  9. Honest is better than fake. There is room for polite & silent.
  10. There is a difference between entertainment and distraction. Learn it.
  11. Don’t try to be “up-to-date” at the cost of focus or quality. Fads & beeping things steal focus and your money.
  12. Don’t use a smartphone unless you wish you had a computer.
  13. Don’t google it. Ask someone older than you.
  14. Ask for help and keep learning.
  15. No smartphones while operating a car.
  16. Keep commitments and say no (nicely).
  17. Throw it away. Don’t buy more than you need. Backup is clutter. If you use it and it’s broken -  buy a new one, throw it away, or do without.
  18. Clean what you use. Everything should have a home.
  19. Spend money on people you love. 
  20. Buy experiences, not stuff.