Reclaim Focus, One Day at a Time

Great article from the 99%

1) Inform those around you that you’ll be switching to this workflow..

Lest your co-workers (or boss/clients!) become completely befuddled by your inability to deliver on a project in your typical up-to-the-minute fashion.

2) Stop thinking of yourself as “on-call.”

Certain tasks (like email) will always require more immediate attention; however, you’ll be completely surprised by how many of the things you need to do are elastic – and consequently, how much more quality your output is when focused.

3) Do something to get yourself in the day’s mindset.

Try reading an article on your day’s focus topic, or set up your email filters in such a way that you can review related messages only. Setting the scene is crucial.

4) Allow a bit of flexibility.

Emergencies will inevitably pop-up, so don’t be completely thrown when you need to shift focus. Simply re-center (see #3) when you’re ready to dive back into the day’s tasks, or shift your energy to the new project by reassigning days. Implementing this kind of structure takes a bit of up-front work, but once you’ve mastered your system, you’ll become more present for both the day-to-day emergencies and the larger projects you’d really like to tackle.

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