Redemption is possible.

You are not what others say about you. Don’t care what others think. Do the right thing, even if you don’t know the details.

When you think you understand, you don’t. When you are completely sure, you might be being mislead.

Motivation is key. Everyone can be manipulated, if you know which way to twist.

Every question you answer will lead to another question. Seek truth, not answers.

Evil is everywhere: In the half truth you tell to get your way. In the withholding of love. In the torture of an innocent, the murder of a mother, the neglect of a son.

You are not special - you are unique. Everyone has unfinished business -  why is yours more important? Do what’s best for the greater good.

No one is too far gone. There is good in all of us.

Change your mind.  Make the sacrifice. Push the button. Tip the scale.

Redemption is possible.

- Thoughts on LOST