Scripts don't show that you care

Don’t try to write a customer service script that shows us that you care. People hear scripts as white noise. We ignore the words and try to forget the interaction (if it went poorly). 

We (customers) do notice when you care. We can’t help it. It’s emotional. And contagious.

Empower your team to actually care and cut through red-tape that makes customers feel bad. We deserve a real interaction, with real-helpful people.

We don’t go back to places that tell us how much they care, we go back to places where we felt they actually did. Care is emotional and leaves an impression. -

How do you as a business owner make changes so that caring is the norm for you organization?

What stories do you need to tell?

What can you celebrate so that caring happens while your team is working hard to solve your customer’s challenge?

Great leaders give their people the room to challenge how well they did yesterday. Your team needs space, freedom, and a shared vision to make a customer’s day.