Tech+People: 3 things I'm not doing with my iPad

I look for ways that technology can make my life simpler, better, and deepen my relationships. Here are a few guidelines I’ve set for myself on how to handle my iPad:

Being always connected (Wifi, not 3G).
I have an iPhone, so the only thing 3G would get me is less friends. My father-in-law saw someone at the mall using an iPad sitting next to (read: ignoring) their wife. His thought, “Someday that lady is gonna break that thing in half”. Being always-connected can make you less-connected to those around you. I made a choice to get the Wifi version so that I’m not tempted.

Beeps and Notifications. I don’t plan to sync my Calendar or turn on App notifications. I can see my schedule on the web, or my iPhone. I’ll use my iPhone as my “Comm Device” for reminders, SMS & calls.

Typing more than 2 sentences (and other things that look like office work).
For me the iPad is the perfect blend of Show & Tell meets digital book. The iPad is a interactive notebook. It is great for meetings, where having a technology should be a tool to talk and agree (not get sidetracked checking email). It’s a notebook for reading, sharing, and the stuff I do from 5PM-Midnight on the couch.