The Easy Email Setup

Trying to make better email habits? Force yourself by changing the way your email tools are setup. Here’s a quicklist of tips to get you started.

1) Hide any mailbox views if possible (Learn to only look at 1 folder at a time).

2) Stop using Flags, start using folders (This makes iPhone Email much, much better!)

4) Hide or customize any toolbars  (learn keyboard shortcuts, or most commands appear when you click reply). Look under the ‘View’ menu for options on your setup. Try right-clicking your toolbars to customize your setup.

5) Learn to search, not file (use the folders: Inbox, Action, Waiting for, and All Mail)

6) Delete, delete, delete (Turn off the Trash folder, instead having deleted messages go to 'All Mail’ or your Archive). Having 1 'Delete’ button to make mail go away is simply amazing.

Don’t use a email program? Try Minimalist Gmail, a firefox extension to hide the junk.