Top 11 changes in my life over the last 2 years.

11. The median age of the people I talk to raised by 34.5 years.

10. No administrative professional to ask retorical questions to.

9. Switched to a mac, never looked back.

8. Joined facebook.

7. Discovered Lost! (Thanks @justshireen)

6. Everything in Muncie is 10 minutes away. Everything in Indy is 23 minutes away.

5. In youth ministry, you can just awkardly stare at someone long enough until they laugh, this tactic doesn’t work well for business meetings.

4. Having child.

3. Learning how to change a diaper without touching poop.

2. Learning that Muncie is up, and Indy is down. Still working on that one.

1. Working in an office with 9 guys, none of which can answer the question “Did you see what happend on Grey’s last night?”