Updated 2010 habits

Following some sound advice, my new year habits will follow the 6 Changes method.

  1. Re-establish date night every 2 weeks and start to treat my wife like the young lady I fell in love with.
  2. Learn to process my thoughts through Journaling. Clear out the emotional cobwebs instead of stuffing them.
  3. De-clutter my home & office. Keep only the things that inspire work, or help it get done.
  4. Give some computer TLC. Turn off my computer nightly and clean it weekly.
  5. Simplify my schedule to put the focus on people and shared activities, not mindless time in front of a screen-time.
  6. Stop lying to be funny* (because it’s not funny)

The runners-up (maybe next year, little habits):

  1. Document my one-frame funnies. Send them to a cartoonist.
  2. Become a pro at 4 Wii sports.
  3. Eating healthier. Choose real, unprocessed foods that you love.
  4. Daily exercise. Choose an activity you enjoy.
  5. Wake and Bed myself earlier. Get the quiet time where I can relax and find peace and realize only mischief happens after 10PM.