The Science of Storytelling: 
7 steps to save time and communicate clearly in a noisy world.

As a leader, the way you communicate determines how many people will stop, listen, and take action. You don’t have time to waste on communication that doesn’t work. But without a clear message, it’s easy for your words to get lost in the noise.

Join me for an interactive keynote, where we’ll cover:

  1. The seven steps to craft a clear message so more people take action.
  2. Practical tips to improve your communication in everyday situations — from staff meeting to sending more effective emails.
  3. How to create a simple and compelling message for your website, brochures, or marketing.

Finding a clear message that connects with your audience can be tough; but the StoryBrand Framework offers a proven formula that works every time.

Discover a simple framework that will forever transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to others.


I drove 2 hours to hear Josh give a talk on the power of storytelling... After attending, I would have driven 10 hours! I can’t wait to book Josh for one of our events. I know our audience will love his session just as much as I did!
— Steven Hennegan, Gaslight
I am always looking for better ways to tell my client’s story so that it resonates with prospects. This talk was a homerun.
— Arrick Garringer, Windmill Marketing